Saturday, January 29, 2011


     I just found an Esty shop with the most original and beautiful gauged plug earrings. The shop is called Mystic Metals and Organics Body Jewelry shop. All the jewelry is made by hand. I've always liked the way gauged ears looked, and I'm considering getting my ears gauged; these designs might help convince me.  

The Esty shop carries a lot of  kitsch-like jewelry featuring many characters from popular culture. 
This is my girlfriend's favorite design. She's all about the Frankenstein's Monster.

 I thought the Dennis (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) earrings were cool.

The Mystic Metals and Organics Body Jewelry Shop also sells earrings with candy embedded in the center! The shop also carries earrings with suspended peppers, nerds candy, and flowers, too! 

Both me and my girlfriend liked this one a lot. We have a certain friend in mind for these!

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