Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Salvador Dali's Jewelry

Salvador Dali is known for his surrealist paintings, but rarely is he known for his jewelry. Although a fan of his art, I only recently came across these fanciful jewels. 

Dali was known to have worked in jewelry from the late 1940s into the 1950s. He collaborated with the silversmith Carlos Alemany, while designing and hand-picking all aspects of each piece.  There are many reproductions and fakes out there, however, and as a consequence, many collectors stay away from Dali jewelry. Myself, I'd love to own a reproduction of the Starfish Broach (see below). My lady, also a fan of Dali, loves the Eye of Time piece here.

Space Elephant

The Eye of Time

Ruby Lips
The Ruby Lips pin is said to be inspired by Mae West's own pair.

The Tree of Life Necklace

The Starfish Broach
The Starfish Broach was meant to be worn on the hand and features fully articulated arms, which can wrap around fingers as seen in Dali's concept drawing here:

The Grapes of Immortality Pin

Pictured: 1959 New York, Madelle Hegeler demonstrates how to wear jewelry.

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