Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jeepers Creepers: Summer School, My Birthday, and Seattle Pride

It's my second day of summer school, and already I feel behind. I'm taking three classes: research methods, intermediate statistics, and behavioral psychology of health. This quarter is only 6 weeks long, so all the information contained in one 10 week class is crammed into this summer session. I will survive, I guess; eek by like I usually do. 

Read this, all of it.
This is my birth month and my birthday is approaching rapidly, and everyone seems to want to know what I'm doing. I'm turning 24, and I don't feel very enthusiastic. My mom has always been the queen of throwing amazing birthday parties. In the recent past I've tried  to match the excellence of those childhood birthday parties with pony rides in the backyard, but I can never live up to the amazing-ness that is my mom when it comes to these things. I guess that's why I never try to plan anymore, and I've all but completely ignored this coming birthday. I will be nearly a quarter of a century old, and I don't like the feeling. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I'm still young(ish), I just don't feel like I've even started to appreciate the life I have or even truly let myself be happy yet. I just wish I could pause my life at this age, finish school, and come out the other side. Whaa waaah waaah. First world problems.

On the other hand, I am looking forward to Seattle Pride this weekend! It'll make the rest of the week stressful, but completing my work due Monday by this Friday will allow me to enjoy at least one weekend of summer and visit my friends whom I never see.

By the way: learn how to make this lovely thing (LGBTQ Flag flying from the Space Needle) happen again by donating here.

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