Monday, May 2, 2011

New Beginnings

I am nearing the end of my first year in grad school, and while I have much work and stress to deal with in the coming weeks, I also have a lot of exciting things in my future to look forward to. First off, I'm planning on moving back to the west side of Washington State (where the people are) for my internship portion of my degree in the fall. I am so excited to be close to my friends and family again, and normal weather (none of this wind nonsense). 

I want to go to there.

Secondly, I've finally subscribed to Hi-Fructose magazine, and should be getting my fist copy in about 2 weeks! I will definitely be making a post about this because I blog about the online version of Hi-Fructose constantly.

Issue 19 in the mail!

Third, my girlfriend and I are working on becoming vegan. I am super excited about this, because I've heard that it's much easier to lose weight when you're vegan as opposed to being a vegetarian. We are both overweight, and I have been since I was very young. I've tried all kinds of diets from Atkins to vegetarianism to a 500 calories per day diet. Nothing I tried stuck for long; I was on Atkins for about 6 months before I went vegetarian for 2 years. The counting calories lasted about a week. I really hope this sticks. I'm remaining optimistic as going vegan seems like something I could stick to because it's a lifestyle, not a diet. 

Meat is Murder

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  1. Can't wait! I'm so excited. It really is a lifestyle change, one that I am ready to make; one that I need to make.



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