Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tarsem Singh

One of my favorite directors, Tarsem Singh, is working on a remake of Snow White staring Julia Roberts as the evil queen called "The Brothers Grimm: Snow White". I can't wait to see it, not because I love Julia, but because I'm a fan of Tarsem Singh's film "The Fall".

Tarsem Singh is an Indian-born film maker who started out directing music videos. This influence is seen in "The Fall". It's a visually striking, bright, and rich. I also love the story which works on a couple levels; as a tragic fairy tale, and as a historical fiction.

Here are some screen shots. 

Catinca Untaru plays an adorable little girl, Alexandria, who has broken her arm. We find her in a 1920s era hospital in Los Angeles; Here she encounters an injured stuntman played by Lee Pace (of Pushing Daisies fame) who tells her a series of fantastic tales. The film depicts these stories through her eyes. We see her fill the tales with characters from her family and the hospital. These stories reflect the adult world around Alexandria, as interpreted by her mind, and are filled with beauty and naivety. Seriously a great movie. 

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