Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I love trees, and anyone who knows me well will know this too. I love the texture of bark, the intertwining branches, green leaves, the smell of pine needles, and the creak of a trunk blown in the wind. My favorite time to around trees is at dusk in the summertime. There's nothing like it. At dusk, trees tend to take on certain familiar, comfortable personalities in my mind they don't have during the day. I grew up surrounded with trees and vegetation in my neighborhood. I loved playing in the woods for hours with my friends as a child.  Needless to say, when I paint or start a craft project, nine times out of ten, the subject will be a tree. 

Here are some photos of my wire tree creations I made just about a year ago. 
I even have a tattoo of a tree on my back 

Recently, I came across a picture of the Jaboticaba, or "Brazilian Grape Tree". Jaboticaba means "the place where you find tortoises", I'm guessing tortoises go to these trees because the fruit supposedly pretty tasty. The fruit also ferments after a couple of days after being picked, so there is the possibility of the Jaboticaba tree as acting as a sort of jungle saloon. Who wouldn't want to be found there? That's where the party's at, man. I found these pictures here.

Aren't these trees beautiful? Those growths on the tree are "grapes", the Jaboticaba tree produces its fruit on its trunk. It's postulated that the tree has evolved in this way because there are no tree climbers to eat the fruit (like monkeys) in their native region, only ground dwellers (sloshed tortoises). Too bad I don't live in the south or close to the equator, apparently these trees like the heat and humidity. I would love to have one of these guys in my non-existent, yard-of-my-dreams. More on the Jaboticaba tree. 

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